The Bakurae
Vs Ghostboy and Battle Ship and beyond
As the group is heading for the location of the finals after the Posessed!Jouno duels, Anzu gets a call on her cell from Jiichan saying Bakura's gone missing from the hospital, and you get to see Yami Bakura finishing off Ghost boy with Poltergeist and Ectoplasma [both magic/traps. Important for later point] Yami Bakura demands the Ghost boy give him his puzzle card and then die, then walks off cackling about having the 6 puzzle cards he needs as Ghost Boy falls dead. He then arrives at the finals place not even bothering to pretend he's Bakura-kun, complete with the Ore and evil chuckle. It's not 'til everyone starts freaking out that he should be back in the hospital that he reverts to either being Bakura-kun or doing a very good acting job. [Or being half and half. Bakura's hair is in between [like it is when Malik's controlling him and he doesn't feel the pain in his arm, but his eyes are normal.] 

He convinces everyone he's fine, even jabbing at Jounouchi with the injured arm's elbow and poking at the bandage going how it doesn't hurt at all. Malik then shows up and controls not only Anzu, but Bakura [making Bakura go something to the effect of 'Ah! You're the one who saved me!' Malik then goes 'Oh hey, are you alright?' which makes him very chummy with the group, dispite Yuugi's reservations of something being odd.

Malik then does his gloating over people he controls, and then controls Bakura while Yami Bakura makes the Ring point at Rishido's entrance to add to the Rishido is Malik illusion.

The steak chomping is also a bit different. Creepier.

Yami Bakura vs Yami Yuugi:

Yami Bakura doesn't bother pretending to be Bakura-kun at the start, he smirks and comments: 'it's been a while, Yuugi...' as they set up for the duel. Shifting of comments from the Monster World reference to Ep 13 references, and the duel starts. 

[lots of dueling changes next, feel free to skip down if they bore ya. I'm a nerd]

A lot of this duel is actually rather different in form and most of Yami Bakura's cards work differently and just... insane amounts of alterations for no apparent reasons.

The first monster Yami Yuugi uses is different, different attack level, so Yami Bakura has a higher life count when Dark Necrofia is summoned then in the anime, but the major differences start up when Dark Necrofia is defeated.

There is no Dark Sanctuary in the manga. When Dark Necrofia destroyed, the doll becomes the Marionette spirit, [changed to the resentment spirit in the anime] and Dark Necrofia runs the Ouija board from the grave. The board doesn't require individual letter cards, so there's no risk of running out of space of them, it's just a count down. Because of the lack of Dark sanctuary, there is no sacrificing a monster per round, so Earthbound Spirit stays as a defence wall for a while.

Yami Yuugi's way of dealing with the spirit and Ouija board is also different. He uses Monster Kaishuu [Monster recall I believe] to recall all his monsters to his hand, and then summons Kuribou. The Marionette spirit and the silencing spirit go into him and Yami Yuugi uses Chain destruction to destroy Kuribou [apologizing to him as well, asking for forgiveness, It's all cute. :)] and the spirits. Yami Yuugi sets a card and ends his turn.

Yami Bakura is wondering what the heck Yami Yuugi is planning and Malik comes to taunt him about the weakness of the Ouija board, and Yami Bakura realizes what Yami Yuugi's card is, Shishasosei [monster reborn] Malik taunts him more and says he has a backup plan [more or less] Yami Bakura yells at him to bugger off. He sacrifices Earthbound spirit to summon Death Duke and directly attack Yami Yuugi [since he nuked Kuribou, he has no monsters.] (As another side note: This is the only time Yami Bakura has attacked so far, and to my knowledge is the only time ever in the manga that he does. More on that later]

Yami Yuugi activates Shishasosei [apparently in the manga magic and trap cards work about the same. *Shrugs*] and revives Dark Necrofia. Death Duke gets zapped. Yami Yuugi proclaims he's beaten Yami Bakura's occult combo and Yami Bakura just chuckles and activates the magic card, Deja vu which restores the board to how it had been one turn before [Yuugi's 3 monsters return to the field, as does the Ouija board and the spirits.] Yami Yuugi starts to worry since he no longer has the cards he used to break the combo before. Kaiba, calmly from the sidelines silently orders Yuugi to 'Call God.' Yuugi gives his yami a 'Ganbatte' and tells him reviving his memory is important and I believe tells him to pull the card he needs. Yami Yuugi draws and summons Osiris. Yami Bakura has a mini freak out. Malik taunts him, Yami Bakura tries to get the spirit to possess Osiris, no dice, and Malik chuckles and says it's time for his plan [more or less, I believe, not too sure. *lazy doesn't have her translation materials on the laptop*]

Rishido arrives and does his thing and says he's going to let Bakura out.

First thing you see is the wound on Bakura's arm start to bleed freshly and Bakura clutches his arm and collapses. He's not even half as coherent as they make him in the anime in the manga, barely managing to get out a "Yuugi-kun... what in the world [is this place. Kinda like a 'what the hell is going on' but more polite] Why am I..." and later an "Itai yo" [It hurts, like 'ow/ouch' in usage]

Yami Yuugi is given a count down of 30 seconds to make his move or be disqualified. The conversation between Yami Bakura and Malik is much shorter before Yami Bakura does the 'Either way, you're the one who's winning. Get the hell out, Malik!' and takes Osiris's blow. 

Bakura's barely awake, unable to even finish Yuugi's name. He's carried off, and Anzu picks up the Ring, commenting something about Bakura and the Ring's personality. Yami Yuugi goes into inner monologue mode, swaps with Yuugi-kun and as he's going after the group, Anzu goes blank eyed and says she'll hide the Ring where Bakura will never find it. Yuugi agrees and Malik smirks from where he's being all puppet master.

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