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Haunted - Bakura Ryou
By Fran
Finished: April 11th 2004; Refinished June 3rd 04

Bakura Ryou from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh! by Takahashi Kazuki.

Images from Ep 199 of the anime. [ for originals] edited and layered. Font used is Chiller.

I just loved this sceen so much... first I made a wallpaper based on it and then made the skin to match.  In the image, what's more or less happening is that Bakura's being re-posessed by Yami Bakura, dispite not having the Ring. Layed in Yami Bakura [from a later sceen in the same ep] in one corner and added in the candles from a bit before the main shot. 


Day Dream - Bakura Ryou
By Fran
Finished: March 16th 2004

Bakura Ryou from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh! by Takahashi Kazuki, done by request for Nire, who wanted a Bakura skin that wasn't dark.

Orginal image is from manga volume 9, page 8. Edited out Honda and Yuugi from the shot, then handed it to Nire who gave Bakura his feet back, and then coloured it, resized and made into a skin.

This is my first skin in a little over a year. @_@  I nearly forgot how to make one. *embarased* But I think it came out well...

Bakura Ryou - Free
By Fran
Finished: Mar 5th 2003  6:01pm

Bakura Ryou from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!, from a fan art by Ash Collins of Nocturnal Soldier Productions.

Orginal image posted:

Twas just such a nice fanart that I felt the need to skin. Amazingly enough, I started this this afternoon and got it done in under 6 hours.  Most of that time was spent in fidding with the base image (was orginaly going to have lyrics going behind the picture.) and since I finaly remembered to make the template of the PL with the Papryus font.

So whee! Pretty Bakura fan art skin!  Base image included in the zip of the skin.

Kokoro no Yubiwa - Bakura Ryou
By Fran
Finished: Jan 24th 2003  3:48pm

Bakura Ryou from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Picture capped from ep 15 or so, I beleive. Nice shot of Bakura-kun and the ring.

Title translates to Heart's Ring/Ring of the Heart.   I couldn't think of a good one so Terry-kun sugested this one. 

It's... a very blue skin. ^^

Sea of Grey - Yami Bakura
By Fran
Finished: Jan 23th 2003  8:59pm

Yami Bakura from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh! 

This was a spur of the moment 'that pict's neat! Lemme see if I can make it into a cool skin!'   Fully intended to do a quick barely editing job, but wound up spending a few hours just on the playlist. ^^

Titled Sea of Grey cause there's alot of grey in it and I'd been looking for a skin to title that. :)  Song is Chage & Aska - Sea of Gray had really has nothing to do with Yami Bakura as far as I know. ^^

So yeay, I did a Yami Bakura skin. *does a little dance* 

Sadame - Bakura Ryou/Yami Bakura
By Fran
Finished: Jan 23th 2003  3:19pm

Bakura Ryou and Yami Bakura from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Main image taken from the first opening and set over an edited picture of the ring from... ep 90 something, I beleive. I've been wanting to use the main image for a while and couldn't get it to look right until I got the idea to layer the images. Started on it at 8:30 in the morning and had to redo almost everything at around 11 when I realzied I didn't layer the images as well as I should have.  >< 

Titled after the main instrumental track of the X tv show, translation is 'fate/destiny' which I think works well.

Change of Heart - Bakura Ryou
By Fran
Finished: Jan 5th 2003  8:05pm

Picture capped from ep 12 where Yami no Bakura seals the main cast into their favorite/soul cards.  Bakura's soul card is the Change of Heart. When the card is played in the duel, Bakura apears as the card.

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