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Jounouchi Katsuya  - Kisama no Turn!
By Fran
Finished: Fed 26th 2003  10:26pm

Jounouchi Katsuya from the anime Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!

A gift skin for Mel! It took me for bloodyever to get started on it cause I couldn't find the right colours. >< THink it came out okay though.

Image from most likely the Jounouchi vs Ryuuzaki battle in Duelist Kingdom. Didn't lable the cap well. *Sighs*

Thanks to Animom for helping with the title!

Strongest Warrior - Jounouchi Katsuya
By Judy
Finished: Feb 23, 2003

A simpler skin than a lot I've created.  I didn't play with most of the bits and used quick techniques on it.  The playlist was a bit difficult, but that's just because colours refused to go where I wanted them.

This is from the RPG trio of eps on Yuugiou, where Jounouchi gets to dress in a barbarian toga like fur thing while the others get neat hero outfits.  It's got a short skirt.  Very nice.  He gets to kick ass and is generally well drawn.

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