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Anticipation - Malik Ishtar
By Judy
Finished: Nov 16, 2003

Title once again from the wonderful Loren Leah. 

This one is Malik from Yuugiou.  He's insane.  It's fun.  He also has a split personality that has nothing to do with the pretty, gold stabby stabby in his possession.

The playlist doesn't necessarily fit the rest of the skin, but I think it looks cool and I like it.

Malik Ishtar - Waiting in the Shadows
By Fran
Finished: Apr 03th 2003  8:48pm

Skin of Malik Ishtar. Picture capped from ep 50 or, Malik's first appearance.

This skin came into being with the folowing convo: 

Fran (5:32:40 PM): *has urge to make a skin out of: this*
Loren (5:33:16 PM): Woah.  *.*  That would definitely make a good skin.

And 3 hours later, twas done.  Tis the darkest skin I've done yet, I beleive, darker then Sea Of Grey even. (whoo. :) )

Later, there will be a version with EQ bars, once the Juchan shows me how. :)

Malik Ishtar - Waiting in the Shadows - Version 2
By Fran
Finished: Apr 03th 2003  10:23pm

Same as above, only now with functional EQ!

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