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In the Spotlight - Otogi Ryuuji
By Judy
Finished: August 23, 2003

This has been in the works for a very long time, but I stopped making skins for something along the order of two months. ^^;  Now that I've done this maybe I'll get to the 14 others that are in the process of being made.

At any rate, Otogi is a minor, but well loved, character from Yuugiou.  He created a game that involves dice and always has several around to throw at people.  Ah, Dice Boy.

Shadows of the Past - Ancient Heroes
By Judy
Finished: July 1, 2003

For once I made up my own title!  [with some help from Loren Leah, of course.]

For something that's almost all shadows, it came out very well.  This is the shadows of the pharaoh and his advisors who have Millennium Items from the show Yuugiou.  Yay, weird generic winamp skins!

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