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Wanna Trade? - Mutou Yuugi
By Judy
Finished: Dec 7, 2003

This picture was drawn by Kiwi, whose art is at  It's insanely cute, isn't it?

Yuugi is the main character from the anime Yuugiou.  He's very cute.  That is all.

Dark Spotlight - Yami Yuugi
By Judy
Finished: Dec 7, 2003

Not much to say about this one.  It's a silhouette of Yami Yuugi on appearing.  That's it....

Time to Duel - Yami Yuugi
By Judy
Finished: May 12, 2003

If I'm ever completely satisfied with a playlist, someone point it out to me.  This one is far from my favorite. ><  I could probably do better if I really cared, but I don't know how and I don't feel like wasting time trying to do it.

Out of the Past - Pharaoh
By Judy
Finished: Apr 6, 2003

Someone remind me to never do anything this complicated again.  It came out really well, but the buttons were really hard to do....

Who am I kidding?  Next time I'm bored I'll have something just as messy to try and do.

When the buttons are pink they're off, when they're blue they're on.

The picture is I think from a manga cover in the later Yuugiou manga.  The character is the Pharaoh who now resides in the Millennium Puzzle.

Melancholy - Yami Yuugi
By Judy

Skin of Yami Yuugi.

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