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Legend of the Game King
Footage: Yuugiou, Duelist Kingdom
Music: Legend of Mana, Title Theme by Yoko Shimomura

Length: 2:26
   Image size: 320 x 216
   File size: 15.5 meg

Youtube Link

This video was done as a challenge: Take a show, and make a music video using background music from another show to give it a completely different feel.  There are no cards in this video, and no dueling. 

Inside of you, Inspite of You 
Song: ThouShaltNot - Inside of You, Inspite of You
Length: 4:17
   Image size: 320 x 216
   File size: 26.4 meg 
YouTube Link

I've been wanting to do a Bakurae video for a long while now, and I finaly found the perfect song. 

Theif King Bakura  - Tiger Woods
Song:  Dan Burn - Tiger Woods
Length: 1:36
   Image size:  320 x 216
   File size:  9.84 meg
YouTube Link

Gag video that needed to be done.

Warning: Do not listen to this song while your parents are in the room unless they have a sence of humour. 

Yuugiou GX - Friends
Song: Rembrants -  I'll Be There For You 
Length: 3:07
   Image size: 320 x 216
   File size: 18.9 meg 
YouTube Link

3rd finished music video. The whole overarching concept behind Yuugiou GX is that of friendship, and this song fit it perfectly. The clips used are from various GX ep from the first 2 seasons [around eps 2-40ish] and focus on Juudai, Shou and Hayato's interaction together.

Yuugiou GX - Super Rad
Song: Aqua Bats - Super Rad
Length: 3:01
   Image size: 320 x 216
   File size:  19.9
YouTube Link

GX is crack. So is this song.  So it had to be made. This video's been remade about 20 times now, as every ep I get the urge to add more clips.  Covers eps 1- 27 ish.  2nd finished video. 

Kaiba - Hero
Song: Chad Kroeger - Hero
Length: 3:22
   Image size: 251x 190
   File size: 14.7meg 
YouTube Link

A Kaiba music video, using mostly Duelist Kingdom footage, with a small bit from the RPG arc (all from the original Japanese version).  The song just fits Kaiba so well that I had to make the video for it.

This is my first ever music video. I think it came out decently. There's a bit of a problem with the last clip that I'm not sure how to fix.

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