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Manga volume 23

Because I realized I hadn't scanned a few things I wanted to, the scans for manga volume 23 have been updated. More scans of the section as everyone's gathering to get on Battle Ship have been added. Yes, this is a Bakura update. :)

KnNChat Lives!

It's the return of KnN chat! Going to try to keep it staffed by people all the time so that it can have a bit more life in it then last time. If any of you want to sit around and help keep it alive, please, do so!


Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

I'm not dead-- really  To prove it, I've (finally) updated the clip of the month (half a year later.)

So, for this half of the year, you get Yami Bakura Returns, First Series op, and First Series Jounouchi in drag. Enjoy!

Fanworks update

White Angel has finished another chapter in her fanfic 'The New Students' and it has been posted.

Halfway through catching up with the GX caps. That update will be up... erm.. sometime with the the next few months. Hopeing to get it out before the dub.

GX area under construction

After some thought I'm deciding to reorganize the GX galleries to be set up more like the main galleries, meaning each major character will be getting his or her own gallery rather then having it be a by episode gallery set up.

But as I'd like to keep it in order and all and I just jumped from ep 13 to ep 32, that's a bit messy. So, for now, the galleries are still in ep format until the by character gallery format is ready and probably will have the eps that have been capped out of sequence in ep format even though the caps will be grouped by character.  You can see what I mean by the 32 gallery.

Also, I decided that 250 wide was too small for the caps on the page so from now on, the new caps will be 350 wide.  People in 600x800 and up resolution will have no scrolling troubles with this but smaller resolutions will. Since there aren't too many people using the smallest size, I hope it won't be too annoying. 

I also have a GX music video I did ages ago and keep tinkering with that will be put up in the GX section in the near future.

Main galleries have an update in the works as well.  I have at least one each of Anzu, Group, Jounouchi, Kaiba, Mokuba, Pegasus and Others galleries from DK and Doma to go up. 

Looking for feedback on what sections or aspects of the site to concentrate my efforts in, so look for new polls or email the adminbox with any comments or suggestions. [Please, no generic 'UPDATE MROE!' messages. Those aren't helpful.]

Look ma, an update!

Finals are over, I have a week til summer session, huzzah.

Manga has gotten a bit of a facelift. The main index is now split into 4 pages so you're not waiting around for 5 min for all the images to load. Also added in new scans in volumes 4-10.  More is to come later when it's not so late a night.

I will be getting around to updateing the clip of the month this week.  Possibly will be putting up caps I've already done and just not gotten around to posting yet. May also cap some more GX.

I'm... really not enthused at all about capping Doma, sorry.  I have a few already done caps that I will eventualy put up and a few choice eps I want to get caps from but for the most part...  I really couldn't care less. ^^;  I just... really don't like Doma and keep getting burnt out whenever I try and cap it. Sorry.

On the news front: GX will be comeing out in the US on Fox this fall most likely at the same time that the AE arc will be coming out on KidsWB as they like to give reruns in summer for some reason.  GX has actualy gotten a plot lately so it should be fun to see how the dub deals with that when it comes. 

I need to recomplile my to do list and clean up some.  I don't know how much I'll be updating due to various factors. It's a huge project to work on and I'm only one person (dispite the beleif that there's a team here, I do 99% of all the work here) and I just can't keep to the update schedule I used to. It burns me out. I also have been slowly losing intrest in Yuugiou and the fandom which adds to the reluctance to update.  But KnN won't be taken down or anything like that and I'll still attempt to respond to requests and emails. It'll just be slow, so please be patient with me.

I will hopely not take so long to update again. :) 

2nd Birthday!

KnN is now 2 years old. *blows noise maker*

So, in honour of that, posting the Yuugi and Group galleries DK recap [as well as the last 2 GX eps cause I'm lagging behind. @_@].  The old DK galleries are still acessible though links under the new ones.

Had hoped to have a bigger update buuuuut... I'm tired. Sorry. ^^  I'll be working more on the site later on.

Overdue updates

Clip of the month has been changed to 5th season closing and Bakura's first series appearing.  Bonus clip for this month: the Yuugiou 2002 New years special. 

In Fanfic: New chapter to White Angel's 'New Students' and the Pickachumaniac section is finally open with her fic 'Fairy Dust' 

Falling so behind here, things have been crazy.  This week should see 3 new eps worth of GX caps and depending how things go time wise, I may test out my new drive and start capping Doma again. No promises. 

Rumours and News: Looks like Japan's finally getting the Yuugiou movie as there was a commercial for it at the end of this weeks GX ep.  Shonen Jumo (US) has started printing translated AE manga as of the Feb 05 issue which should be hitting newsstands pretty soon. 

And KnN has past 500,000 hits. @_@  I wasn't expecting this for at least a few more weeks.  KnN's 2nd birthday is also coming up in a few days.  Really don't have an uber update planned cause I'm just too exhausted, sorry. I'll try and get something up for it though. I may wind up just being the GX caps though. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

Look, Ma! A non Image update!

Finaly doing stuff in the MultiMedia section.  New secton: Wallpaper.  And the video clips have been updated. There's also now two polls for clips, one for ep/op clips and one for regular clips. 

More GX

GX eps 4, 6 and 11 added. So all caught up with GX.
Have some GX extras that;ll be going up eventualy. A music video and some animated gifs. Check the forum if you don't wanna wait. :)

Slacker finaly updated. ^^;

Finaly got GX eps 7-10 up. ^^;;  Sorry all, things are crazy and I'm lazy.

Also, we have a new guestbook with a happy new feature: IP ban! So the pesky harassers are no more.

And I've noticed more and more people are asking for AE caps. Unfortunaltly, I am to broke at the moment to buy those DVDs.  So, if you want AE caps, please donate? ^^ Heck, if some nice person got a copy of the DVDs and doesn't want them anymore...

-_-; Sorry for the begging. *skitters off to hide*

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 158
Latest GX ep capped: 10
DVDrom status: Still broken. [2 weeks til Xmas ^^;]

News correction.

Apparenently I was mistaken. A few of you emailed to let me know that you did get the Pyramid of Light card when you baught Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie at a Walmart.  So if you were one of the ones who did buy it at a discount store and didn't get a card, bring it back or write the company that put out the movie [was it WB?] and request the card you didn't get.

GX - Ep 7

Ep 7 of GX is now up.  Yes, I know I'm still missing ep 4 and now ep 6 ^^; I'll eventually get to them, promise! *hides* 

It's official, GX is being licensed by 4-kids and is planned for a '05 release.  Also, Yu-Gi-Oh - The Movie is out on DVD. If you get it in Walmart, you won't get a card, it seems, but the packaging at non discount stores [Circut City was listed] has the sticker for getting the Pyramid of Light card. 

And my DVDrom is dying an untimely death so I unfortunately will be unable to cap any of the Doma eps until after Xmas when I get a new one. Sorry all. ^^ 

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 158
Latest GX ep capped: 7


In responce to a request in the guestbook, KnN now has a chatroom. Have fun with it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! dub news:  GX is going to be licenced by 4kids for 2005 broadcast.

And the fact that I spell it Yuugiou instead of Yu-Gi-Oh and Yuugi instead of Yugi is starting to cause relevancy problems. Meh. Still dub changing the spellings. And names. 

Updates planned:

Cards / Items - Redo and update
Kajiki, Haga and Jiichan pages - Redo and update
Rebecca page - Create
Anzu: update

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 158
Latest GX ep capped: 3

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