1. Images/Screencaps
Q: How do you make your caps/How to you make your caps so clear?

A: I have a DVD-Rom drive and a set of programs that I use to convert the episodes into AVI format and I take the caps from there, going frame by frame in places to try and get the clearest shot. This is also where I get the footage for my music videos. 

Q: Can I use your screencaps/manga scans for my site/something I'm working on?

A: Sure! All the caps and scans here are free for use. If you're putting them on your page, a link back would be nice somewhere, and maybe an 'images from' tag somewhere, but if not, I don't mind. Just email me when you're done with what you're using them for so I can be all 'Squee! Someone using my images! Yeay!'   I like feeling that my page is appreciated and doing a service to the Yuugiou fandom.

But please... DO NOT remote load my images. Please. Download them and put them up on your own space, but please, do not remote load. I've been suffering froma major bandwidth drain because of the amount of images that are being remote loaded.

Also, you should not be disalowing people to take images your yourself have taken from Kokoro no Naka. These are free for use, providing they stay that way. 

Q: Can I use a fanart on your page for my site/something I'm working on?

A: You have to email the artist themselves for persmission to use their art. The email should be under the image.

Q: I'd like to request some full sized images. How do I do that?

A: Due to lack of free time, I can no longer do full sized image request. Sorry.  Goodies program members can request sections of images still, but I just don't have the time to send out individual images to people.

Q: There's a screencap/manga scan I want to see, but you don't have it. Can I request that too?

A: You can send requests to the adminbox but, again, due to lack of free time, I probally won't get to it. Sorry.

2. Site in general
Q: Why's the site split in two like that?

A: Bandwidth issues. Kokoro no Naka used up over 25Gig of bandwidth in about 15 days in June and as that URL only has 30gig free, I had to do something to lower that.

Q: I really like the site and would like to help out with it. Is there anything I can do?

A: I can always use people to look over the entirety of the page and point out any errors or missing files [or even spelling errors] to me so I can fix them.  Also, if you spot people remote loading images from KnN, please let me know so I can ask them to stop.

Q: I want to donate my stuff to the page. Can I?

A: If you have something you've noticed I don't have on the page that you think would be a good addition [like, if you have manga scans you;ve done yourself that I don't have up, have a first series ep you can cap that I don't have, ect.]  email admin@kokorononaka.net .  And please don't be insulted if I decline. Please, do not send in images that you have not done yourself. 

Note: I don't accept fanfics or fanart for various reasons. Sorry.

Q: Do you want/have any staff?

A: Unfortunately, there isn't much work I can delegate to other people on the site because I have all the resources and, in general, am anal about things having to be capped/scanned my way.  I have a few people who help out contriubting to the site, and you can see their names on the areas they've contriubuted to.

Q: I have an idea for/coment/question about the page! You want to hear it?

A: Sure. :)  You can either post it in on the tag board in Updates or email the adminbox with it.

Q: I've read all this, so where's this password to get to that video clip that's up?

A: The username is 'Ican' (without the half quotes) and password is 'Read' [with that capitalizaion] Thanks for reading the FAQ and enjoy the clip.

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