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# Japanese [Kanji/Kana] Romanazaion Notes
1 Voice - CLOUD First Opening
2 元気のシャワー  前田亞季 Genki no SHAWAA - Maeda Aki First Ending
3 渇いた叫び  Field of View Kawaita Sakebi - Feild of View First Series/Movie Opening
4 明日もし君が壊れても- Wands Ashita Moshi Kimiga 
Kowaretemo - Wands
First Series/Movie Ending
5 Shuffle - 奥井雅美 Shuffle - Okui Masami Second Opening
6 あの日の午後   -  奥井雅美 Ano Hi no Gogo - Okui Masami Second Ending
7 Wild Drive - 永井真人 Wild Drive - Nagai Masato Third Opening
8 Voice / TV size
9 元気のシャワー TV size Genki no SHAWAA - TV size
10 元気のシャワー Karaoke Genki no SHAWAA - Karaoke
11 渇いた叫び Karaoke Kawaita Sakebi - Karaoke
12 明日もし君が壊れても Karaoke Ashita Moshi Kimiga 
Kowaretemo - Karaoke
13 Wild Drive   Karaoke

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