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Look ma, an update!

Erm. Yeah. Actually, there've been some behind the scenes editing that I just kinda... never announced. ^^.

New music videos! Now with links to YouTube versions for those who don't want to / don't have the bandwidth for downloading. 

Yami Bakura's information section has been updated, and there's a new section under Manga for scans from the character information book with some translations of the profiles as well. 

Some other random updates scattered around too, I think. 

KnN is now affiliated with WikiFic, the Yuugiou wiki. See the main page for the link! 

And that gallery condensing thing? Not really happening anymore. Too much work. ^^;  So galleries are kinda... frozen for the time being until I figure out just what on Earth I'm going to do with them.


Fanfic has been updated (or at least the Judy and Fran section) and the annoying background is not longer on for fic pages. (How come noone ever told me that was there?).

Music videos has also been updated! Super Rad has been finaly posted, as has a Theif King Bakura gag video.  Another, Bakurae-centric video will be up as soon as I finish editing.


Long month...

As you may have guessed, that month thing? Not a realistic estimate. At all.  The Yuugi galleries have been redone and uploaded, and the Anzu, Honda, and Jounouchi galleries are soon too follow. 

To give an idea where I'm at:

Done and uploaded:
Yuugi: 27 -> 8 [70% reduction]

Fully reassembled but not uploaded yet:
Anzu: 6.1 Meg -> 2.07 [66% reduction]
Jounouchi: 15.3 -> 6.35 [58.5% reduction]
Honda: 9 -> 3  [67% reduction]

Slimmed gallieries:
[Note: These are subject to change as most have not had their galleries reassembled]

Doma: 1.2 meg -> .2 [83% reduction.]
Haga: .9 meg - > .09 [90% reduction]
Isis: 5 -> 1.82 [64% reduction]
Jiichan: .6 meg -> .08 [87% reduction]
Kaiba: 23.5 -> 9.18 [ 61% reduction]
Kajiki: 1.7 -> .7 [-59%]
Latest Eps: 66.1. -> 8.9 : 87% reduction [has many to add in]
Mai: 6.23 -> 2.73 [56% reduction]
Malik: 21.7 -> 10.8 [50% reduction]
Mokuba: 6.7 -> 3.31 [50% reduction]
Noa: 4.37 -> 2.11 [52% reduction]
Otogi: 2.5 -> .7 [64% reduction]
Pegs: 4.4 -> 3 (Addtion of new caps) [32% reduction]
Rebecca: .3 ->.2 [-33%]
Ryuuzaki: .6 : -> .24 [60% reduction]
Shizuka: 1.6 -> .7 [-56%]

All galleries under 1 meg will be lumped into either 'Other' or 'Minor Duelist'

Still to be worked on:
Bakura: 19.3
Cards/Other: 11 meg
Group: 81.6
Misc: .4
Others: 1.8
Rishid: 4.25
Shadi: .7

GX: 102 (on page already) + 197(waiting to be added)
First Series: 31
Manga: 31 [+ whatever waiting to be added]

3 years and about an update to come

Happy new year!  KnN is now 3 years old.

And over 800meg.

For various other reasons, KnN is going to be slimmed down, idealy to around 400 meg so that it all fits on

What does this mean for you guys?  Just that if there's one image or story or anything that you really adore, download it now.  The manga section is probally going to be almost compleatly removed, and most galleries will be cut in half. Fanworks will also be cut drasticly, and fanart will probally just be taken down. 

After this update is posted, KnN is going into hybernation. 

Keeping this page updated and at all up to date is an exausting task and I really don't think I want to do it anymore. So with this final update, I will hopefuly have it in a form that will be fine without further updates.  Creative updates will still happen every now any then. 

This should all happen with in the month, idealy.

Until then, happy downloading.

Part 2 of the GX update

Another big update from pile of 6,000 caps from PDUTogep. This update includes a redone Manjoume gallery, redone Hayato gallery, the Shou gallery that actually got updated a while ago, but I never made a note of it ^^; and Fubuki's gallery. 

Let's see if we can get one more update out this year. :)

6,000 is a big number...

I have gotten a psudo-staff member! Thanks to PDUTogepi I now have over 6,000 new GX caps that I will be adding to the GX section. [Yes, 6,000 new caps. Originally she handed me over 7,000. 6,000 is the trimmed down number. @_@ She's more crazy then I am.]

Currently, the Asuka and Daitoguchi sections are done and uploaded. There will also be new sections added: Scenery, Antagonist (formerly part of 'Other'), School Staff (also formerly part of 'Other') and Fubuki (formerly just a reference, now a full fledged member of the insanity.)

Once all the galleries have been updated, the temporary ones will be removed. Also, the formerly anal chronological order of the galleries is no longer so anal, partly because sizes have changed and part because I haven't capped all the eps in order and it's too annoying to have to go back and redo a gallery to get it all perfectly in order.  Caps from an ep should be more or less clumped together though.

Also: The guest book has been removed due to the sheer amount of spam and idiots 'hacking' it.  If you have feedback on the page, you can either post it in the forum or email it to me directly.

Also, due to lack of time to both update and man the admin box, I am more or less closing the full sized image request line. Spare time to work on KnN is limited, and I'm pretty sure you'd all be happier with more updates rather then getting full sized images.  Goodies members will still get full sized when available [Newer GX caps do not have full sized available.]

GX Overhaul!

I finally got my bum in gear and finished the overhaul of the GX area.  Well, mostly. Due to gaps in screencaps, there's a few text linked areas. Eventualy I'll either cap those eps or decide to just not do them ever. Or just have the caps in the character galleries not be in chronological order. Either way, my lazy self just did a directory upload and didn't bother with an index. This way you can see my random snarky filenames and wonder how little sleep I have gotten. :)

At any rate: the GX area now has a layout similar to the Character section and has more content. New GX screencaps will also be larger then the ones from the first 11 or so eps.

2 updates in one week. I'm amazed! :D  All because I don;t want to work on my essays.. :)

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