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Perfect Madness - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished: Nov 11, 2003

Drawn by the wonderful Shadi, whose artwork you can see here: or here: as a present.  Because I forgot to ask first.  But she likes it, so it's all ok.

This is the ever gorgeous Kaiba Seto from Yuugiou.  Shadi, as usual, draws him looking a bit like a psycho, but very nummy.  And he is definitely both of those things.

And a great big squishy thank you to Loren Leah for the title.

Locked Away - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished: June 28, 2003

Thanks to Loren Leah for the lovely title. :)

Character of Kaiba from Yuugiou again.  This is, I think, my fifth skin of him.  In case you couldn't tell, I like the character.

I really like the way this skin came out.  I'm very pleased with it.

Gold Ice - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished: Apr 13, 2003

Fanart done by Shadi, whose website is here:  Go there!  Now!

It was done with permission.

It's really hard making a skin out of 2 colours, but I think it came out decently.....

Pride and Soul - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished: Jan 18th 2003  8:41pm

My third Kaiba skin.  Yes, I'm obsessed.  Image kindly resized by Fran 'cause I couldn't get it right.

At some point, Kaiba refers to the Blue Eyes as his pride and his soul.  It's appropriate considering how he uses the card throughout the series of Yuugiou.

Dragon's Sacrifice - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished 1/8/03

Second Kaiba skin.  I like him....  This one is from the RPG trilogy after the end of the Duelist Kingdom arc.  Basic plot, the people just under Kaiba in his corporation make a bet with him that he can't get through the RPG that they created in his absense to trap and kill him in virtual reality.  Yuugi and crew come to the rescue and they reverse the trap to get the people trying to kill Kaiba.

Ah, crucifictions.  Such a staple of anime.  And he looks so pretty, too...  The part of this one that took the longest was the title.  The word "sacrifice" just wouldn't come.  And that was AFTER complaining bitterly to 5 different people that I couldn't think of a title and only getting real help from one [although Tirtzah's never see Yuugiou and couldn't help because of that].

Not Gonna Wait - Kaiba Seto
By Judy
Finished 1/4/03

My second Yuugiou skin.  [The first one I forgot to do a readme for ^^;]

I've decided recently that I'm very fond of the character of Yuugi's rival Kaiba, so I was determined to make a skin of him.  I'd say it came out well, personally.  There were a few other pics I was considering and I might to them eventually, but this one really did come out well.

Song it's capped with is one that Fran made a Kaiba vid to.  It fits him very well.

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